sfeu_kleinDr. Sebastian Feuerstack is investigating in techniques and tools for the early model-based evaluation of safety critical systems such as airplane cockpits, car assistance systems or complex medical setups at the OFFIS institute for information technology. One result is the Human Efficiency Evaluator (HEE), a tool that simulates humans based on psychological and physiological plausible models to evaluate their monitoring behavior, cognitive workload and task performance already in an early design phase – even before a prototype has been built.

Dr. Bertram Wortelen is doing research in the area of cognitive modeling for safety-critical applications with a strong focus on model-based attention prediction. The Adaptive Information Expectancy (AIE) model is a recent development, which simulates the distribution of attention to multiple tasks within a cognitive architecture. Giving users of the HEE tool access to the AIE model in an easy and intuitive way enables even non-Human Factor experts to make predictions of operator’s attention distribution in very early design phases.