October 2016 - HEE presentation at AutoUI

Bertram Wortelen just presented the results of a recent study about a green traffic light assistance system that we did together with the DLR.

Operator Workload Prediction

What is the optimal location of an instrument and how does a new instrument affect the operator’s task performance and workload? With a tool-supported cognitive modeling of virtual operators workload and performance of trained operators can be predicted. Such a simulation can consider hundreds of procedures of how a machine can be controlled. Development and evaluation of dynamic […]

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Predicting Monitoring Behavior

Controlling safety-critical systems often includes several monitoring tasks to observe the current system state and to predict future system states that might affect the controlling activities. Methods to get insights about users’ monitoring behavior either depend on the expertise of Human factor experts to model and predict stereotypic monitoring behavior or on performing eye tracking […]

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Analysing Task Performance for Multi-Machine Control

Often, one operator is in charge of observing and controlling several machines distributed in an environment. Such procedures and workflows can be visually modeled to predict and compare the operator’s task performances for different hardware setups, software and display options. Operator’s task performance is usually evaluated by systematically studying operators controlling a system prototype in a setup that matches as […]

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Cognitive Crash Dummies that Monitor and Control

Operation instruments, machine control panels and entire control rooms are designed for efficiency and safety. But even slight changes can have a huge impact, which is hard to anticipate for complex systems. We offer a tool that can predict the influence of new machine designs to the task performance, workload, monitoring behavior and average reaction time of an operator. The tool works with design sketches or photos and does not require an existing prototype.